Michael Brennan

Television shows such as The A - Team, Magnum P.I. and Knight Rider enchanted Michael’s youth. He would have liked nothing more then to have shared the silver screen with such great performers as David Hasselhoff and Chuck Norris, to almost name a few. Sadly he had to grow up. The lack of an olympic gold chiselled chin may have ended his film acting career before it had even started. With absolutely no idea that film was something you could actually study, Michael set off for foreign shores in pursuit of love, life and adventure at the tender age of 17. Adventure came swiftly living a life of rock climbing, snowboarding and white water kayaking across Europe and North America. A cataclysmic accident shattered his ankle as he fell over 50 ft before smashing into a rock and falling face first in love. Michael had met the love of his life. His breath had been taken away by the impact but, when he dislodge the film camera that broke his fall, he saw the girl of his dreams and he knew his life had changed forever.


Michael’s liver managed to survive the three years it took to complete film school, but there may have been unrepairable damage done over the next 5 years as He Crewed on Hollywood feature films. A music video seen by Apple propelled him onto a post production trajectory that saw him become the first Apple Final Cut Pro Mentor in Africa. Michael has shared his passion for editing with thousands over the past decade.  Taking this passion to directing, Michael loves visual communication through simple images with complex characters. His tenacious, light hearted approach to telling stories is often humorous. Michael loves life and is humbled by the knowledge that he has the best job on this planet, entertaining us.


+27 84 764 1492

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